Truth & Love Book HARD COVER

Truth & Love Book HARD COVER


Hard Cover copy of Pastor Jordan's book Truth And Love

Why is it that so many believers either believe God to be truth or love? Is it possible that they are one and the same?  Is it possible that Jesus is both truth and love?

Why is it that Christians are more divisive and divided than ever before?  Is it possible to be in unity under the banner of Christ?  How are we resolve conflict or simple disagreements in the church?  How can we learn to hear the voice of truth, the voice of the Holy Spirit, and share that with others?  

In this book we dive into these subjects and more.  We tackle a few subjects the church seems to be divided over and aim to find truth by looking at the person of Christ and reality of what He said and exemplified.  


As a dynamic young emerging leader of his day and prophetic voice in this generation, Jordan Biel has done his diligence on this much-needed topic. He invites us to a greater experience with the God who is throughout every aspect of both love and truth. He takes us beyond words to the heart of the matter - where God lives.
- Founder of Eagles Wings, Musician, Bishop Robert Stearns

Jordan's passion comes through on every page. He has a breadth of experience few others have. He has seen the Kingdom from every possible angle and has an important word for the 21st century church in this book. His insights, illustrations, and humor will make you not want to put it down.
- Pastor Matt Anderson

John 1:14 says that Jesus came in love and truth.  Are we as His followers able to do the same?  Let's dive into this concept together! 

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