Pastor Jordan's First Book

Pastor Jordan has released his first book, Truth & Love with Westbow Press/Thomas Nelson.  Available on Amazon.

This book is for the skeptic who is curious, the one who wonders if truth is relative or absolute.  This book is for the believer who wants to grow in their love for Jesus and their courage to be His voice to those who are hurting or lost.  It’s is also for the Pastor who wants a Biblically sound resource for small group Bible studies.  It’s a perfect book for new believers.

The Bible says Jesus came to us in grace and truth.  It teaches us to speak the truth in love.  Jesus is the perfect picture of God, who is truth and love.  So why do so many Christians approach people in truth or love?  It seems Christians are more divided and divisive today than ever before.  Why are churches splitting? Why are ministry teams not united in love? Why?  We’ve taken our eyes off Jesus and His clear instruction for handling conflict.  Jesus gave us clear steps to take in Mathew 18 when we’re upset with another Christian. Sadly, the majority of Christians ignore those steps and instead of using that moment to grow in their faith and patience, they become divisive with good intentions. We’ve forgotten the God of the OT is also the God of the NT.  What we see in the Ten Commandments can be seen in the life and words of Jesus.  This book is helping people see Jesus Christ as the one who came in truth AND love. It then encourages us to also live our lives in truth and love, being bold enough to tell people about who Jesus is, state what's right and wrong in light of the Bible, yet always doing so with one motive: love.

Other e-books by Jordan Biel

The Hook - eBook

What could us preachers learn from songwriters? A lot actually. One day I accidentally opened my “song start” document instead of my “sermon start” document. Both have helpful reminders for writing. In opening the wrong document, I thought “what if I write this sermon like a song?” I stumbled on to something pretty neat. I noticeably see a greater impact on the message ringing true and clear whenever I write my sermon based on “the hook” the Holy Spirit has put in my heart and write it like a song. This little book explains what “the hook” is as well as other attributes of a song and how they can correlate to a sermon and cause you to be more effective as a speaker.

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The 7 Theory E-Book

The E-Book is here!

Follow along with the videos or simply read the e-book to finally understand the basics of music theory and train your ear to hear the seven chords in any given song. No matter your background you’ll grow immensely!

“I recommend this system for ANY musician!” - Josephine Valentin / AMAZON

“I can NOT believe how fast my two teens are learning to play piano!” - Adrienne Miller, Ohio

“This is SO HELPFUL! I’ve been playing for 20 years yet this is helping me think and play better!” - Lorena McCabe, Newport

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