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I released my first book, Truth & Love, & you can pick that up here.  It’s been so rewarding to hear people tell me they’re reading it with a group of people and discipling one another! It’s a message that's been burning on my heart for quite some time - that Jesus is BOTH truth and love and that we as His followers are called to follow His example and BE LOVE and SPEAK TRUTH.  Do we have to pick truthful or loving?  No.  Jesus didn't.  Neither do we.  We can stand in His goodness, share His love, befriend anyone and everyone, give them the Gospel and watch as God’s Spirit touches their heart and brings them into His family. Too many Christians are silent. Too many aren’t “entering the joy of their Master” like we read about in Luke 19. As a Christian, YOU are the light of the world, a city on a hill. It’s time to let Jesus’ love shine out of you! The book is chalk full of stories to inspire you and scriptures to guide you. I pray it speaks to you and God uses it to move you from believer to disciple.

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Hi.  I'm Jordan and I've been passionate about inspiring people to love Jesus more since Bible College in 2004.  I remember being 14 actually and listening to Delirious and asking God, "Lord, give me songs for the church like this, songs they can sing to You.  Songs that help people sense Your love."  

That prayer hasn't changed in over 20 years.  We've released 10 albums and I'm so pumped about our latest project, Your Kingdom Come!  Many songs are prayers - asking God to establish His Kingdom wherever we are as His followers.  Many songs declare God as our refuge in times of trouble.  These were born out of a difficult season my wife and I went through last year.  His Word is true; He can work ALL THINGS OUT FOR GOOD for those who LOVE HIM and are CALLED according to HIS purposes!  Check out the Heart Behind The Songs Video to learn more. 


I was raised by two incredible Christ-followers, Mark and Pam Biel.  They've actually been pastors my whole life and I've served alongside them for 13 years at Rock of Grace Family Ministries.  My parents taught me what it means to be a man of integrity and a man after God's heart.  

I was called into ministry at age 14 at a youth summer camp and was radically changed.  The Holy Spirit got a hold of me and hasn't let go since.  

I am now the lead pastor at Rock of Grace Family Ministries in Kinsman Ohio. We’ve just opened our second campus in Cortland, OH and the Gospel is being preached, lives are being transformed and our city is beginning to change! We have a 10 year mission to #TransformTrumbull County for Jesus through church-planting and disciple-making. If you’re in NE Ohio and hungry for God to use you, if you’re ready to make your life meaningful, then pray about joining one of our launch teams. Learn more at

Jordan also teaches the 7 theory at 4-5 conferences per year. learn more about his training for worship leaders at

Jordan’s currently writing “citizens of heaven” a short book aimed at reminding christians that heaven is our home and the kingdom of heaven is here and now. with miracle stories, stories of redemption & scripture you’ll be inspired to let god move powerfully through your life. sign up for his email below to not miss out on that book when it’s published.