After receiving so many requests over the years, I have finally released an instrumental worship album!   We have aptly named it "Instrumental Worship Music Vol. 1"  

I know, creative right?  

We really do pray that it will be a real blessing to you and your church during times of prayer.  It's 20 songs with no recognizable melodies, just cello, guitars, piano, violins... all saturated in the presence of God.  Many of the songs were 

jordan Biel 

written beforehand.  We just hit "record" and played unto the Lord.  The result?  Just what we were hoping for, an album you can just turn on, open your Bible and read.  No distracting known melodies you would end up singing, no vocals, nothing but peaceful worship music for your time alone with Jesus.  Take a listen here. 


Passionate Worship to Jesus Christ