Want To Develop New Habits & Reach Goals?

Developing New Habits

So you want to develop a new habit to reach a goal?
There are 3 process to developing a new habit.
1. Cue
2. Process
3. Reward

This is based on recent Neuroscience Research and leading Neurologists

You want to be an avid runner and be in shape.
You set an alarm on your phone to get up early - you put your running shoes in front of the door (CUE)
You begin the process of running.
You begin to feel the reward after a week or so.
After 30 days, your brain has developed a new habit and when you see your running shoes (the CUE) the Process kicks in and you begin your runs without even thinking of it as hard-to-do or strenuous.

Driving Training

At first you get the keys (CUE) you get trained for 30 days and it seems difficult and nerve-racking. 30 Days later your habit has developed and now you drive and arrive at your destination without even understanding how you got there! =) Why? You’ve created a habit and it became automatic.

Decide Your Goals / New Habits You Want Formed
Place The Cue (Visual to prompt action) Calendar on iPhone/Smartphone Helps
Form New Structures in Your Mind by Repeating the Process
Allow 30 Days Repeating Process to Celebrate the Reward of Your Dilligence & New Habit

Jordan Biel