Our new album, Intimacy - Instrumental Prayer Music

3 New Albums Are Available and ON SALE FOR ONE WEEK ONLY!

The first is Intimacy - Instrumental Prayer Music.  It just arrived yesterday.        It’ll be available in iTunes and my online store in a few weeks, but it can be   ordered by emailing me directly at info@jordanbiel.com or by calling   330-442-1227.   This is a relaxing, simple, instrumental album with piano and acoustic ballads, great for your personal prayer time and also great for pastors during the altar time after a sermon.

I also just released a single, Jesus, You’re My Reason, available only online in stores like iTunes.  click here to hear it in your iTunes Store

And our LIVE Christmas album, Emmanuel, featuring the Divertimento String quartet, came in last month.  This has a few of your favorite carols and 6 new worship songs like Yahweh, Emmanuel, King & Lord of All and more. 

If you’d like to purchase Intimacy or Emmanuel, they’re available for $5.00 each when you buy 3 or More This Week Only.  If you’d like to get these at 50% off, email me at info@jordanbiel.com or call me at 330-442-1227 and I’ll ship them out.

Jordan Biel