Our Father Who Sings

Maybe I’m a slow learner but it seems God teaches me one big lesson every few months.  In know, sad right?!  But it seems His message lately has been one of a very unique sort.  Father God has compelled me to sing over people the last few months in our events in other churches, in fact, even now at my home church Rock of Grace.  In the moment, I’m not so sure why I’m supposed to do it or even what to say (sing) yet like a soldier who’s been commanded I know I must obey and open up my mouth and

just let it happen.  The results have been nothing short of phenomenal!  Father God has healed so many hearts through this odd, yes odd and in mind, sort-of weird way.  But maybe it’s not so weird after all.  Zeph. 3:17 says that we have a Father God who rejoices over us with singing! 

Wow, how cool is that?!  Creator God, Mastermind of the Universe, Craftsman of the earth we know and the galaxies we don’t know SINGS over you joyfully! 

I don’t know that I understood this verse before I had kids.  But now, I TOTALLY GET IT!  I have two beautiful little girls, Selah and Elliana.  I’d say almost every time I put my daughters to bed, I sing over them for a while – sometimes it’s Jesus Loves Me or another known tune, but sometimes I just sing whatever comes to mind about them.  I might say “your daddy’s girl…”  “your loved, loved, loved…”  and just now, just this morning am I starting to understand.  The same way I sing to them my songs of love for them, is the same way that God sings over us!  I know, it’s quite simple, right.  But sometimes God’s greatest truths that bring lasting joy are really quite simple.  And now, as a minister I’m being challenged to sing on behalf of God over others and it’s been SO COOL to see what God has to say about people!  Every time, the person/people that were sung over come up and say something to the effect of “I can’t believe God knew all that about me!”  “I can’t believe God knew that that’s how I felt!”  and “I needed to hear that so bad.”

Wow!  What a God we serve!  Our Father who sings over us is madly in love with us.  We are His children, His prize, His creation, His bride, His design, His artwork, the love of His life.  Thank You, Father for giving us Your Spirit who bears witness with our spirits we are truly the children of God!

Jordan Biel