Loving You - New Acoustic Single

I’ve released a song I’ve written for Danielle called Loving You as an acoustic single under the artist name of “Jordan Mark."  I’ve had a lot of people at weddings and other places tell me that they’d buy the song if I ever released it so… here it is =)

Don’t worry, I’m not abandoning my calling to lead worship or speak or… I actually feel that this may be part of my calling - to get into secular venues where LOST people are.  Who knows if God would open up doors to secular venues using these songs about love and life and then heal the sick and save the lost after the concert!  I’ve always LOVED how Jesus was right there in THEIR world - he didn’t stay in the synagogue (church) all day, every day asking people to come - he was in THEIR world ministering in a way that they could understand.  Who knows what God’s will is for this "secular” music?  I’m open to serving God wherever HE leads me.  If you want to hear the whole song (iTunes only lets you hear 30 seconds) before buying it, click here.

Jordan Biel