Covenant Eyes - Is Your Family Safe?

I’ve become a Covenant Musician in an effort to stop the plague of internet pornography and it’s destruction on families.  As a pastor, I’ve seen that pornography is the #1 issue that people, especially men, are struggling with.  Well, now we have a GREAT TOOL a solution: Convenant Eyes.  This is software has become the standard in internet accountability as it will email your accountability partner every web site you've visited this week.  Let’s stop talking about the problem and let’s be serious enough to take action!  If David wasn’t on the roof-top where Bathsheeba was, I think his chances are much lower of committing adultry.  In the same way, let’s be responsible, wise Christians and take advantage of innovations like this that keep us from being in the place of temptation.  Let’s join the revolution against pornography and it's assault on our marriages and children!  With this software, you may prevent a family member and yourself from ever struggling with this temptation - wow, how awesome is that!?  In fact, it’s only 8.99 a month and your first month is free when you use my promo code: jordanbiel.  What’s your internet bill or cable bill costing you?  Maybe it’s time we have an “Accountability Bill"  We pay for anything we value and it’s time we start valuing integrity and holiness and communion with God.  Thanks for joining me in this effort!  70% of men are losing this war!  Are you?  Go to and use "JordanBiel” as your promo code to get the first month free!  When you do, send me an email ( and I’ll ship you out a copy of our latest CD - free of charge!  I’m passionate about preventing a generation of young people (and their future families) from being destroyed by internet pornography.  Will you join me!?

Jordan Biel