A testimony from a venue we just received ...

Hi Jordan and band,

Thank you so much for ministering at our event this summer for Praise in the
Prairie in Sun Prairie WI. We were raising awareness of the homeless
problem in our area and all donations were put toward building a homeless
shelter. You were an integral part of this.

Your message is SO powerful! Your music is SO beautiful! (…as well as
jamming at times when it was perfect for it!) … God was SO
present. In fact, He has moved our town in ways we hadn’t even thought of.
The race track you performed at has sought and received approval from the
fire department to use their facility to house our homeless population this

Was any of this “in our plan?” No. And we bet God’s plan is developing in
ways that are bigger and better than we could ever have imagined.

Again, we are amazed by your band. The way you speak to the crowd and
quote scripture during your sets is awesome!

God bless you all!

Shelter from the Storm Ministries

Jordan Biel