A New Season

God has called us to enter in to a new season of life.  We’ve been youth pastors for 5 ½ years and have loved every moment of it!  Seeing teens shaped by the power, presence and Word of God is so fulfilling and it’s been my honor to pastor the teens of CSM.  God has asked us to step down from youth pastoring and trust Him to open doors for us to minister at other churches nationwide.  We’ve already seen God open some doors and we’re so excited about what GOD has in store!  We feel like we’re in the passenger seat and He’s the driver and we’re simply “along for the ride"  - which when God’s Spirit is driving, that’s always an exciting adventure.  Praise God for what HE is doing and where HE is leading us.  We believe we’ll be used to preach, prophecy (speak to people specifically what God wants them to know) and lead worship at churches around the US.  If you’re reading this and you’d like us to come to your church, great!  Talk to your pastor and lead him to the website, www.JordanBiel.com where he/she can read testimonies, see videos and get a feel for what we’re all about - taking people into God’s presence.  Our first radio single, Into Your Presence, has already hit the airwaves and people really seem to be loving it!  Mission House, my label, said that almost every station they pitched it to is playing it! Praise God!  By the way, you can hear it on my last blog post here on tumblr or at www.JordanBiel.com on the home page or Media page.

We’d love your prayers and support in this new season!  We’re praying about doing a Partner’s thing with people who are really behind us and believe in what we do.  If you’d like to support us financially as "music evangelists” you could say, that’d be so amazing!  We are praying for monthly Partners of 10. 20. or 30. a month and those partners would receive a special package every month containing a new CD, book or Preaching CD (message on CD) and a newsletter containing a bunch of testimonies and pictures to keep our partners informed and encouraged in what God is doing through our ministry.  If you’re interested in being apart, send me an email at info@jordanbiel.com or call me at 330-442-1227.  THANKS!!!  

Jordan Biel