10 Things I'm Thankful to God for from 2011

10 Things I’m thankful to God for that occured in 2011:
1. We had our 2nd child - Beautiful Elliana was born

2. I began developing another Innovate Records Artist that is BOUND to do well, Brittany Findley

3. I heard my music on the radio for the first time (Manger To The Cross on WCRF Moody Radio)  such a cool moment between me and God ( at 11:30 at night =)

4. I was ironically paid to do what I love - share my music at tons of churches, create more music and be who God created me to be.

5. My band is still together =)  (i heard Many don’t last 2 years)  thank you JESUS!

6. We bought our dream-home in a GREAT neighborhood with the potential of a great studio

7. My family is all healthy

8. My girls’ grandparents STILL want to watch them =) 

9. FRIENDS  FRIENDS  FRIENDS  The people in my life who just make everything better

10. The unmerited favor of God

For 2012 - My non-specific goals are to

Read and Learn more than I create

Finish and publish my first book, BALANCE

Have another kid - … uh, well.. this one is up in the air =)

Have a song on “the big stations” (K-Love, Air 1…)

Finish my Innovate Records studio in our basement

Jordan Biel