Inspiring People To Love Jesus More

Pastor Jordan is teaming up with Innovate Records' artist & worship leader, Will Collens for the KINGDOM COME TOUR!  


We don't know exactly what it will look like. But what we do know is this: we're expecting God to move powerfully!  We're expecting Jesus to heal the sick, save the lost and give hope to the hurting!  Pastor Jordan has traveled for 11 years speaking and leading worship across the country.  He preaches with simplicity you can remember, humor and moves in the prophetic.  

Will Collens has also been leading worship for quite some time and he released his first album, You Reign, with Innovate Records, in May of 2015. 

We're asking God to REVIVE your city!  

We're asking the Holy Spirit to bring NEW LIFE to those who've lost their love for Jesus or simply never met Him. We believe that when you finally encounter the REAL JESUS CHRIST, the One who spoke the earth into existence, the One who can set free, the One who gives abundant life, you'll never be the same.  We've seen God move powerfully in our respective ministries and believe God is asking us to combine our efforts this summer - to declare HIS KINGDOM COME - that the wholeness and healing of Heaven would become a reality on earth!  We're praying that the worship of Jesus in Heaven would be the worship of Jesus on earth! 

To place a booking request for the KINGDOM COME TOUR, simply fill out the contact form below.  We're excited about what GOD is going to do in YOUR CITY!


This tour provides full sound and lighting, all we need is an empty stage and open hearts.  

Pastor Jordan is releasing his first book, TRUTH & LOVE with Westbow Press/Thomas Nelson!  

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